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Church Flowers

The moment you walk into the church on your wedding day, you will never forget the initial sights, smells and sounds tha thit you. That is why Poplar Tree Florist believe it is so important to get the floral arrangements absolutely perfect so that neither your guests or yourselves are left dissapointed.


We can provide anything form flowers on pedestals, to hanging flowers and windowsills and floral drapes over doors. Poplar Tree Florist Durham can even provide large or small arrangements to tie onto railings and gates.


The front of the church is where everyone's eyes will be focused during the ceremony, so we recommend making sure that the boldest and most elaborate arrangements are placed here. You may chose to put a pedestal arrangement flanking the area where you'll say your vows, as well as flowers on the pulpit or stand for readings. Flowers are usually placed on the altar as a matter of course, but if there are any other tables or flat surfaces in the front of the church, you can certainly use the colour of flowers to brighten these areas up as well.


Small bunches of flowers are a traditional decoration for pew ends, and look wonderful lining the aisle as the bride walks towards the altar. If you're marrying in a modern church, consider decorating the backs of chairs with posies instead. This carries the benefit or everyone being able to see the flowers, but is more expensive than simply decorating the ends that meet the aisle.


Whatever you decide to chose, Poplar Tree wedding Florist Durham will promise to ensure that your every need is met and that we create stunning arrangements to make your dreams come true.


We can provide flowers for the whole of the North East including Newcastle, Durham, Sunderland and Middlesbrough.